Posted on: January 25, 2012 2:01 pm

Prince Fielder signs with the Tigers


Wow, I did not see this coming. I guess it feels good to go home. As a Brewers fan I can say that I am disappointed that Prince left, especially with the Braun situation that is still ongoing. Being a realist though I knew it was inevitable, we simply could not afford him. This is a great move for the Tigers only if Miguel Cabrera works out at third, not sure he can do it but also not sure he cannot. I do look forward to seeing how this team plays this year. I am glad our owner didn't pay Prince what he wanted because we have a bunch of young talent that can bring us similar(not the same) numbers as Prince did at a budget price. However that being said I am glad to see Prince get the contract he wanted because honestly what our organization was paying him was a joke. Very reminiscent of the Cards and Pujols monetarily early on.

Prince I do want to thank you for the time you spent with us here in Milwaukee it has been six great years that have brought a feeling of "Hey we got a shot!" in to a baseball team that was terrible for many years. Thank you for helping our team get back to winning more than we lose and for staying classy the whole time. Best of luck with your new place in life and new team, I will probably make it over to Detroit to catch a game or two this year so I have a chance to see how this all works out.

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Posted on: January 12, 2012 12:16 am

Montee Did the right thing

You had better stay in college buddy. I am a big Badger fan of course living here just north of Madison but look at every other running back to ever come out of Wisconsin, most of which had better numbers than Ball. John Clay is the only current Badger running back in the NFL and he is only in the NFL due to the injury suffered by Rashard Mendenhall. I doubt he will make it off the practice squad next year barring another injury. Ron Dayne was the most prolific runner ever in the Badger state,Dayne's career rushing total remains an NCAA record. When yardage from bowl games is included, (under the current NCAA rules, a running back attempting to break Dayne's record would play twelve games each season and be allowed to count yards gained in any conference championship games or any bowl game in the official totals) he amassed 7,125 yards. He shares the record for most 200-yard rushing games with Ricky Williams and Marcus Allen, with twelve. He also holds the Big Ten Conference rushing and total touchdowns record, with 71, and is one of five players in NCAA history to rush for over a thousand yards in each of his four seasons.Dayne was selected with the 11th pick of the 2000 NFL Draft by the New York Giants. He lasted eight years in the NFL an amassed an amazing 3,722 yards rushing with 28 touchdowns. I strongly suggest staying in Wisconsin finishing your education at UW and have a backup plan for your life besides the NFL because even if you make it the odds are not in your favor, I am not trying to be a hater and wish you luck in life whatever your decision maybe.

UPDATE: He's a Badger for 2012

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Posted on: December 21, 2011 9:04 am

SEC charges former NFL star Willie Gault.

Gault, a former player in the National Football League, including with the Chicago Bears team that won Super Bowl XX, and former member of the U.S. Olympics team, is accused of generating publicity for shares of a company called Heart Tronics. The alleged scheme defrauded investors of more than $8 million, the SEC says.

The SEC's move comes days after it charged another sports hero, Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger, a former Notre Dame football player, with an alleged pump-and-dump scheme with a company that purported to sell a sports drink to compete with Gatorade.

Such cases underscore the danger of assuming famous people or athletes are always backing legitimate businesses or investments. "It's important people understand the company they are investing in and not make an investment based on who is selling it to them," says the SEC's Stephen Cohen.

Gault is accused of scheming along with former Hollywood executive J. Rowland Perkins and California attorney Mitchell Stein. Stein and Gault took investors' money for personal use, the SEC alleges. Some money, too, was diverted to one of Gault's brokerage accounts, which was used to bid for the stock and give the false impression there was demand for the shares, the SEC says.

Meanwhile, Stein allegedly sold millions of dollars of company stock and used the profit on homes, private Jets and exotic cars, the SEC says. Stein was arrested by the Department of Justice, the SEC says.

Jared Scharf, the attorney representing Gault and Perkins, disputes the charges. "We believe the allegations are incorrect and look forward to proving that in court," he says. Stein could not be reached.

Separately, Ruettiger, former football player for the University of Notre Dame and inspiration for the 1993 movie Rudy, was charged last week with allegedly tricking investors into buying stock in his sports drink company, Rudy Nutrition. Ruettiger could not be reached.

The actions warn investors to not allow their appreciation of a sport or celebrity to blur judgment, says Gregory Lawrence at Conti Fenn & Lawrence. "You need to evaluate them and their investments independent of celebrity," he says.

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Posted on: December 10, 2011 12:22 am

Art Briles at Baylor gets a contract extension


This is a nice extension, he turned around a pathetic Houston team bringing them to being a contender in Conference USA. Did a really good job at Texas Tech with the running backs and now he has done another wonderful job a Baylor.
Beating Oklahoma and Texas in the same year is something Baylor fans thought would never happen! I wish him continued success because if the Big Twelve was to remain a big time conference they need the former rollover teams to become relevant and win big time games and that is exactly what Baylor has been doing under Coach Briles.
 All of that topped with the fact that he is a pretty upstanding guy leads me to believe that Baylor will remain relevant for a few years. He is after all the guy who groomed Kevin Kolb at Houston and now Baylor finishes a season ranked in the top 15 for the first time since 1986, not too shabby since they were picked to finish sixth in the Big12 preseason poll. I know RG3 has a lot to do with their record but it still takes a coach and I myself think Art is a great one.
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Posted on: November 22, 2011 5:40 pm

Kemp shoots for 2012 MVP ... and 50-50


Don't know much about Kemp myself being stuck out here in Brewerland(yes, I'm a Brewers fan.) But based on what I have read the vote for this award could of gone either way and Braun was more than likely propelled to the award by being on a winning team. That being said Mr. Kemp has taken this with grace and is a very respectful player. I wish him luck on his quest for Fifty- Fifty next season and hope he attains his goal.Cool
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Posted on: November 21, 2011 8:05 pm

Fantasy Football and AP

First of get off the fantasy players. It's a game. It's fun. If a member of your fantasy team becomes injured or whatever players of the game have every right to be upset.It's no different than people getting upset over video games or Eagle fans cheering when a Cowboy's player receives a career ending injury or a baseball fan being beat up for wearing the opposing teams jersey.
That being said I don't want to sit here and hear about my season is lost because of AP. If your entire fantasy team depends on AP you're not that good, do what the Vikings will do and replace him. Fantasy football is one of the main reasons the younger generation is becoming more familiar with the NFL teams and players outside their own market. Fantasy football is entertainment no different than the NFL itself.
Now with that being said heres to the Vikings looking out for AP and benching him for as long as need be for him to remain a vital part of their team by being absolutely healthy, after all the Vikings are not playing for anything but pride at this point . They will not make the playoffs with or without AP.
Posted on: November 12, 2011 3:52 pm

Darren Sproles: Week 10 breakdown

Sproles is a must start unless you have a slam dunk runner with a good match up. I benched him this week to run M. Bush and my other back is Forte. I would start him over CJ in standard scoring setups and definitely in a ppr league. Demarco Murray I think will be a better start based on match up, as is Fred Jackson, Ray Rice, Foster and AP. Other than that keep the guy active.

Posted on: November 9, 2011 2:40 pm

NBA Lockout

I have been enjoying this lockout as it gives me more time to watch hockey. Lets face it the NBA sucks now days and personally agree with Jordan. No employees of any company should have 50% percent or better take of overall revenue. What exactly is the point of running the business then? The owners do not own teams for enjoyment(except Mark Cuban) they do it to make a profit.
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